Pre Purchase Reports
Comprehensive Building and Pest Reports to ensure your purchase is the right one.

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Owner Builders Reports
Required under The Building Act for all Owner Builder work prior to sale of a property

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Dilapidation Surveys
Our reports will give you photographic evidence of the condition of the adjoining neighbours properties or council assets prior to the commencement of construction. It is an inexpensive report which provides an item-by-item account of a building or asset and its existing condition.

It is also a requirement under Part 7 section 94 of the Building Act 1993 for a dilapidation report to be conducted on an adjoining property prior to any protection works then construction works being

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Handover and PCI reports
Be reassured the level of finish, workmanship and your specifications have been met prior to taking thekeys to your new home.

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Depreciation Schedules
Our ATO compliant documents will ensure landlords receive maximum depreciation on their investment properties.

Whether your investment property is old or new, under income tax law you are eligible to claim
depreciation when you lodge your next Income Tax Return. This is a very easy process and only requires a phone call to one of our Inspectors.
For a full downloadable guide to depreciation schedules click here

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Pest Inspection
Wether it be am existing property or a pre-purchase report we can inspect for multiple types of pests to ensure that you can be assured of your properties integrity.

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